My Journey

Erika’s personal and professional journey was not a direct one — and continues to evolve. For most people, specific experiences in life have influenced the way they feel about money. For her, there were many: growing up in a household where the topic of money was exciting dinner conversation, getting married, having three children, getting divorced, living abroad, moving nine times for a corporate job, and losing a parent. Unsurprisingly, Erika found herself at a crossroads.

After a successful 10-year career at IBM, Erika shifted gears and left corporate America to work on growing brands in the organic-food industry where she transformed brands from innovative emerging products to household names, while juggling a growing family. Along her journey, Erika noticed a gap in how people all over the world talked — or didn’t talk — about money, both within family structures, relationships, and workplaces. Once she discovered Financial Therapy, Erika has dedicated her life to coaching individuals, couples, families, and corporate teams on how to communicate more comfortably and effectively on the otherwise taboo topic of money.

A highly sought-after Certified Financial Therapist, she has been quoted in national media, including The New York Times, Yahoo! Money, and Times.  Along with being the creator of Let’s Talk About Finances, Baby! which are Financial Wellness Conversation Cards that create a unique way to stimulate meaningful conversations about and around the taboo topic of money.

Erika lives in South Florida with her three daughters and can be found driving to the beach with the top down of her Jeep, or planning her next overseas adventure.


Clients Include:
  • Warner Bros iscovery
  • UKG
  • BlackRock
  • Janus Henderson WHITE