Boost Their Happiness
Boost Your Productivity

  • Employees in a better financial situation are also more likely to report good health (75% vs. 35%) and high social wellbeing (50% vs. 25%) than those who are doing worse financially.
  • Employees in a better financial situation have higher engagement (46% vs. 24%) and lower presenteeism (12.7 days lost vs. 22.7 days lost) than those in a worsening financial position.

As one of only 15 Certified Financial Therapists (CFT-1) in the world, I have successfully developed and executed workshops, and delivered keynotes for global organizations. Invest in your company’s future, you can’t afford not to.

How Erika Works With Your Team

From workshops and keynotes, to one-on-one coaching for strategic team members, Erika customizes all packages to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Hands On Workshops

    • Mastering Money and Emotions: a Two Part Series
    • Build Your YES Plan to Meet Your Financial Goals
    • Top 5 Tips to Build a Lasting Relationship with Money
    • Pivoting Finances for Life Events
    • From Confusion to Confidence: Money Terms 101
  • Keynotes

    • Intersection of Money & Emotions: What is Financial Therapy?
    • The Taboo Topic of Money
    • How Money Affects Your Health and Wellness
    • How Stress With Finances Affect the Workplace
    • 5 Tips to Own Your Relationship with Money
  • 1 on 1 Coaching

    Erika is available to work with your team one-on-one, either through your company, or privately.

    • 50 Minute Session(s) via Zoom
    • 30 Minute Mini-Session Budget Review via Zoom
    • Small Group Sessions
  • Custom Programming

    Everything we create can be customized to meet your company’s needs and desires. This can include:

    • In-Person Workshops
    • Accountability Series
    • Special Group Focused
Clients Include:
  • Warner Bros iscovery
  • UKG
  • BlackRock
  • Janus Henderson WHITE