20 hours a month is spent on personal finances during office hours

Financial Wellness in the Workplace

When thinking about corporate benefits, many things come to mind; retirement planning, medical coverage, holiday policies, culture, diversity, and overall wellness.

However, glaringly absent is one of the most critical offerings for helping ensure employee health and talent retention – Financial Wellness.

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Financial Wellness for Individuals

When someone mentions money, how does it make you feel? While money is physical currency, it can trigger both positive and negative emotional currencies that can be passed along from generation to generation.

Unsurprisingly, the top four emotions associated with money are fear, guilt, shame, and envy. If these feelings are driving your relationship, discover what you can do to replace negativity with confidence and healthy habits.

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#1 issue couples fight about is money

Financial Wellness for Couples

How long did it take you to say “I love you” to your partner? On average, it takes five months. However, when it comes to sharing financial information, such as credit scores and outstanding debt, most couples wait nearly twice as long (nine months)… with some never having the conversation.

If money is a source of conflict in your relationship, let’s get the conversation started.

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Money Relationship Quiz

Take the Free Money Script quiz today and uncover your hidden money beliefs in just a few minutes.

Once you do, you will receive a complete, complimentary report in minutes. What will you discover about yourself? Let’s find out.




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