Financial Wellness has to be part of a holistic wellness philosophy and proposition. When we started working with Erika, running Mastering Money and Emotions workshops globally, we received extremely positive feedback from our employees around the world.


Vice President LifeWorks & Inclusion at Discovery Communications

Your session from my company changed everything! I’ve been able to stick to my personal and family budget, and the meetings have been frequent. In fact, we have one scheduled for next Sunday. With the savings that I have designated, I’m planning on joining the Discovery pension plan.

But most importantly, the negative feeling I had towards money and finances is completely gone! I feel comfortable talking about those topics and that sensation of not making ends meet hasn’t happened anymore. So I believe a huge thank you is in order! You have truly made an impact in my life and I will always be grateful for it.


Discovery Employee

I look forward to my sessions with Erika. Its a breath of fresh air to be able to dissect my relationship with money with someone other than my spouse or family. She has helped me identify and simplify the driving factors behind the ‘what and why’ I spend.Rueing my financial decisions used to keep me up at night. After working with Erika, I have it more under control.,


Hedge Fund Manager

We wanted to align our goals before getting married, and Erika provided a safe, judgement-free zone where we were able to hash out some of our money hang-ups together. We’re grateful for the tools she provided that will set us up for success in our marriage.

Jackie & Frank

Engaged Couple

I have just participated in a really helpful and insightful two part short course on finance and emotions by two American colleagues: a leadership consultant and a financial therapist. I am a hard ass in terms of learning and it was amazing.

Dr. Karen Edge

PhD in Education, UK

Thank you Judy & Erika for such a power-packed session. It was very insightful and has definitely given us a lot of food for thought. The insights shared by you are very helpful and will connect with you soon to discuss these further.


People and Culture Partner at Discovery, Inc.

Erika and Judy, Thanks so much for this. As you know, I was very positively impacted by your workshops. Chris and I have been talking about money easefully and often as a result of many of the tools and techniques you both shared. One concrete thing we have changed – we started meal planning, which has built in time for creativity, fun, and togetherness AND helped us reduce our monthly credit card bill by more than 35%. This has helped me feel more hopeful, more aware of our agency, and more connected to our values. I.e. More freedom and less stress.


Personal Client

I learned something about myself that I hadn’t realized before… The workshop helped me put aside a bad spending habit and embark on a good one – saving for an emergency fund.

Jenny Woo

Personal Client

While I feel I’m a pro at the financial part of this, these workshops truly helped me be more aware of the emotional aspect – which I never paid attention to and quite frankly didn’t really understand. I always saw money as a means to an end and never thought about the journey, especially the way others in my life feel about it. My husband and daughter will appreciate my new learning during our next bi-weekly family budget/expense meeting. They dread it every time so now I’ll surprise them with my enlightened outlook.

Exec in Financial Services

Personal Client

I was skeptical at first about this workshop, and actually found it to be helpful. After the workshop I took the time to review my budget, became aware of how my emotions link to my expenses, and now have a better understanding of what I need to earn each month, where I can save, and am actively resetting my business goals.

Anonymous Attorney

Personal Client