March 2022 Open Workshop: Mastering Money + Emotions 2 Part Series

Gain Control Over Your Financial Stress!

Mastering Money and Emotions is two-part workshop where we help you first understand your relationship money, and then give you the tools to relieve financial stress.

When: March 8 and March 15 @ 11:00-12:30pm EST

General Cost: $149 for a Two-Part Workshop

VIP Admission: $199 Includes Workshop + 1:1 Budget Review

Part One: Relieving Financial Stress

Emotions with money can lead to stress, anxiety, and shame. This workshop will provide you tools and steps take action on the things within your control — and reduce the noise when things are out of your control. This part will provide you with:

  • An awareness of your own emotional connection and history towards money.
  • A 5-R approach to reduce financial anxiety.
  • Coping skills to apply when emotions become unmanageable.
  • Specific actions to take immediately.
  • A budgeting template.

Part Two: Defining Your ‘Financially Enough’ During Uncertain Times

When things feel out of control, some will spend, some will share, and some will squirrel away. This workshop explores our personal default settings that may move us into our comfort zone — not our optimal zone. This part will provide you with:

  • A formula to find your SWAN (Sleep Well At Night)
  • An increased awareness of your ‘stress’ spending and/or
  • saving during uncertainty.
  • Tips and techniques to shift your patterns of spending, saving and investing.
  • A worksheet to define what ‘financially enough’ is to you during this time.
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