Define your intentions with your money for the upcoming year. In this session we will do an exercise that will define your money roles and rules you have since childhood and challenge you to define your new money mantra for 2023. Learn More >
Small group setting over the holidays to help you fine tune your holiday gifting, define a budget (yes! plan to not get into debt), and learn how to set financial boundaries for yourself. Learn More >
If you feel like everything is a NO these days, join us and let's shift those thoughts into an actionable YES plan! Learn More >
When things feel out of control, some will spend, some will share, and some will squirrel away. This workshop explores our personal default settings that may move us into our comfort zone — not our optimal zone. Learn More >
This 90 minute workshop will challenge your mindset from viewing a budget as constricting to building a "Yes Plan" for the lifestyle you want. Learn More >
The more clear you become with your financial vision, the easier it will be to set a plan in action, make tough decisions, and bring awareness to what is working while identifying where to take action on what needs to change. Learn More >
Mastering Money and Emotions COVID 2021 EDITION is two-part workshop where we help you first understand your relationship money, and then give you the tools to relieve financial stress (especially during uncertain times).
When: Oct. 12 and Oct. 19 @ 12:00-1:30pm EST Learn More >